$45,000.00 settlement – Goebert Law, LLC represented an individual who was the driver of a vehicle that that was rear ended by a distracted driver.  The distracted driver was travelling at approximately 45-50 MPH when the impact occurred and, according to the police report, was “looking for something in her car” at the time of the collision.  The collision caused the client to sustain a head injury, including a concussion, post-concussion syndrome, and cognitive impairments including attention, concentration, and memory deficits.  The client underwent a series of concussion therapies and treatments, and endured post-traumatic headaches and insomnia.  Goebert Law’s thorough investigation proved the distracted driver was 100% at fault for the accident.  Additionally Goebert Law consulted with a concussion specialists who reported on the full extent of the client’s injuries so that the client was fully compensated for all harms and losses.