The Firm


Goebert Law, LLC was founded on the principle of providing justice to injured individuals and their families through compassionate, personal, and uncompromising advocacy. The challenges, both financial and physical, individuals and their families face when suffering from a serious injury or illness caused by another are overbearing and burdensome to say the least. Those challenges are often exacerbated by a corporation or insurance company motivated by profit rather than empathy and righteousness. The victims and their families are often left with a feeling of an insurmountable affliction and a sense of abandonment.

Through aggressive trial advocacy, Goebert Law assists individuals and their families to obtain the resources they need to meet all of their financial and physical challenges, and more. Goebert Law meticulously reviews and prepares each and every case for trial by conducting complete investigations, discovery, witness interviews, depositions, and subpoenaing any and all relevant documents or witnesses. Additionally, Goebert Law has an extensive network of consultants and experts including doctors, physicians, nurses, engineers, accident reconstructionist, vocational experts, economists, and other professionals and experts who are prepared to support any trial needs. Goebert Law’s “leave no stone unturned” attitude and approach facilitates trial readiness, and ultimately, excellent results.

Goebert Law, LLC’s approach has developed through more than a decade of experience in litigating serious personal injury cases. Additionally, Goebert Law has significant prior experience in representing corporations and insurance companies in personal injury matters providing invaluable insight into the defense tactics implemented in evaluating and litigating personal injury claims. Through zealous trial advocacy and meticulous trial preparation, Goebert Law has earned the respect of opposing counsel, insurance carries, and corporations alike in the industry. More importantly, Goebert Law has earned the respect of its clients through years of effective and considerate communication and results.