Image result for headache photo$163,000.00 settlement – Goebert Law, LLC represented an individual who sustained a severe head injury while a passenger in a vehicle struck by a pick-up truck traveling approximately 40 MPH.  The collision caused the client to sustain a severe head injury, including a concussion, post-concussion syndrome, and cognitive impairments including attention, concentration, and memory deficits.  The client missed time from work, underwent a series of concussion therapies and treatments, and endured headaches, insomnia, and noise and light sensitivity for months.  Goebert Law consulted with a concussion specialist and a neuro-psychologist so that the full extent of the client’s damages were detailed in expert medical reports.  After receiving the insurance policy limits from the at fault driver, Goebert Law obtained a recovery from the client’s underinsured auto policy so that the client was fully compensated for all harms and losses.